Collector's Item

Collector's Item teaser. PW: rot

Writer | Director | Producer

Collector's Item is a twelve minute thriller drama, shot on 16mm, that explores themes of sexual assault, the manipulation of kink and the underestimation of women and femmes.


After a successful fundraising campaign with Seed & Spark, it was filmed in March 2021, and was completed in August 2021. 

Collector's Item is currently being submitted to a variety of festivals, and has already been selected for the Imagine This Women's Festival. 

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Buffalo & Wolfy

Writer | Director | Co-Producer

Buffalo & Wolfy is a seven minute dramedy which explores the relationship between queer cavewomen and their attempt at polyamory.  Executive produced ​by Nancy Pop, Buffalo & Wolfy is currently being submitted to a variety of festivals, and has already played at the LGBTQ Unbordered Film Festival.



Twats is a new play that premiered at The Unity Theatre in Liverpool in May 2019.


"Gut-wrenchingly familiar" 

"A raw and honest look into what it means to be a woman"

"A rollercoaster of contemporary culture and genuine emotion" 

"Brave and playful. I left feeling empowered and represented!"

"One of the most difficult things in a short play is to take your audience through a full cycle of emotions but Twats achieves just that. The three characters feel entirely genuine and there is a real sense of the rest of their lives which do not form part of this story. " 

-Donna M Day 

"The show explores various big issues that women struggle with in the world we live in and it does so brilliantly. Ozer's writing is natural and realistic...this is a fantastic original piece of theatre..."

-Jacob Bush, North West End

"The play cleverly combines political comedy with anecdotes of sexuality which make the audience laugh out loud for much of the play." 

-Donna M Day


Spoken Word

With Blue Balloon Theatre at Tusk in Manchester

Carousel of Lonely Hearts

Here's to You

"Lymantria" Voiceover Poetry

Her - Rebecca Ozer
Moth - Rebecca Ozer
Picture of a Broken Girl - Rebecca Ozer

Freedom of Existence

A politically charged poetry soundscape exploring sexual assault, the BLM movement, and the Syrian refugee crisis set to physical theatre. This premiered at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, performed by Beth Elliott, Kinglsey Sowole, Bee Cavicchioni, Pete Smith and Rebecca. 

Physical Theatre
Physical Theatre
Physical Theatre

Rainbow Spaghetti

A short immersive play which incorporates song and physical theatre. It explores different forms of pride and acceptance relating to sexual orientation, body image, gender expression, and mental health. It premiered at Red Brick Vintage in Liverpool featuring Elen-Haf Taylor and Joe Lindley.  

Immersive Theatre
Immersive Theatre