A Place Called England

August 28, 2019

Rebecca is thrilled to currently be a part of the writers team for A Place Called England- BareWater Production's upcoming project. The piece explores immigration, the working class, and identity in England. The project is currently in a research and development period and will later premiere at The Hope Street Theatre in Liverpool. Head to BareWater Production's website for more information. 

Tmesis Theatre: Wicked Women

June 04, 2019

Rebecca was recently a part of the Tmesis Theatre Training Company 2019 in Liverpool. She worked with Elinor Randle and a team of women to devise a new physical theatre piece on influential women throughout history. Rebecca was very excited to have played Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The piece was part of Tmesis Theatre's annual Physical Fest- an international physical  theatre festival, and was performed on Albert Dock and in The Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool. 

TurnTable Theatre R&D: Four to The Floor

May 29, 2019

A brand new immersive production exploring the history of rave culture. Directed by Chris Tomlinson and Matt Rutter. Rebecca had a fantastic time being a part of the devising and writing process for this research and development period of Four to the Floor. She played the role of Becky in the production and hopes to be further involved with the project in the future. 

Twats at The Unity Theatre

May 15, 2019

Twats is a brand new play written by Rebecca Ozer which explores what it means to be a woman in 2019. It highlights themes of female friendship, sexuality, mental health and humor. Rachael Georgia and Norah are doing their best to be good people, but how do they actually do that nowadays? A story of friendship, sexuality and selfishness; everyone tries to take themselves so seriously but at the end of the day we’re all just a bunch of Tw*ts. In this production at The Unity Theatre in Liverpool Rebecca played the role of Rachael. Additionally, Twats received a four star review from the North West End! 


May 04, 2019

Rebecca was cast as a background voiceover artist in the feature film Rocketman. She spent a day recording with the team at Shepperton Studios and is featured on a variety of party and crowd scenes within the film. 

Desync (Short Film)

March 28, 2019

Desync is an upcoming short film featuring Rebecca Ozer and Pete Smith as the roles of Amy and Gregg. It explores the couple's journey of VR therapy and what they are willing to do for the future of their relationship. Directed by Brandon Leeming. 

A Matter of Life and Death

March 21, 2019

On 2nd May 1945 airman Peter Carter is shot down whilst on a mission, flying through pea-soup fog. Miraculously, he awakes on the shore of an idyllic beach. The only problem being, he should be dead. If Peter wishes to remain alive and be with the woman he loves, he must fight his case alongside Doc Reeves (Rebecca Ozer) against the heavens in the Universal Court of Appeal. 

The Lion in Winter

March 01, 2019

BareWater Production's The Lion in Winter, directed by Ben Rivers, explores betrayal and the royal Plantagenet family of Britain. In The Lion in Winter, King Henry II (Greg Jones) throws a Christmas feast for the newly crowned King of France (Joe Lindley). Also in attendance for the holiday celebrations are Henry’s three plotting sons (Jack Sanders, Pete Mac, Louis Gale), each eager to take the throne, and Henry’s manipulative wife Eleanor of Aquitaine (Rebecca Ozer), newly released from house arrest. While King Henry II’s three sons backstab and squabble to take the throne and their place in history, Eleanor and Henry use their offspring as pawns against each other in a dangerous game of cat and mouse. 

A Girl in the Woods

November 14, 2018

An upcoming Light Pencil Production's short film written and directed by Robert Duffey. The film explores domestic violence and emotional manipulation and where the lines lie within complex relationships. Rebecca is featured as the leading role of Michelle. 

La Bête

December 06, 2018

Languedoc, France, 1654. Valere, an eccentric, pretentious, travelling street entertainer gatecrashes Elomire’s esteemed theatre troupe, imposing his own brand of anarchic dramatics on the players. But when Valere’s attention is taken by one of his fellow players, a showmance of epic proportions promises to provide all the drama and steal the show. Hirson’s hilarious pastiche of Molière and traditional French farce presents a riotous play in rhyming verse. Rebecca will be playing the role of Madeleine in this production directed by Laurie Sansom at LIPA. 

AdsWizz ShakeMe Voiceover Advert

December 20, 2018

This December Rebecca acted as the new American voice for AdsWizz' new app ShakeMe. The advert can be found digitally throughout the U.S. 

One in Five

October 16, 2018

A short film written and directed by Brookside writer Peter Cox in collaboration with Cheshire Youth Carers. The story explores youth carer Jodie and how her life is affected by the challenges created in her home life. The final result is being used as an educational film around the North of England to help teach young people about the lives and duties of Young Carers. Rebecca acted as the role of Maisie. 

The Meeting- Edinburgh Fringe

August 02, 2018

The Meeting is being taken to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018 with BareWater Productions. It is premiering in the Space UK's new in the round venue: The Upper Theatre at Niddry Street. The Meeting is a new dark comedy by Scottish playwright Mell Flinn...Tony hasn’t shown up to the meeting. Lisa (Rebecca Ozer) fears the worst… well she doesn’t fear exactly, she doesn’t feel fear, or any emotions really. A newcomer, Chris (Jack Sanders), arrives. Chris gets the impression something isn’t quite right after the others introduce themselves. He expresses a desire to leave but he needs to attend these meetings in order to compete in the Olympic rifle squad. But why? Andrew (Louis Gale) seems to know and holds this over Chris as leverage. Julian (Pete Smith) just wants to tell everyone how well he is doing with his twelve steps. A self help meeting like no other.    

Sin City

June 08, 2018

Rebecca is excited to be performing with Liverpool Arts Society in their upcoming immersive night which will take you on a journey through a dystopian society of criminals, crooks, and thieves. Another extravaganza from our creative genius',
set to be one of their biggest events to date!

The House of Bernarda Alba

May 27, 2018

A sweltering and chaotic masterpiece, by the ingenious Lorca, that focuses on the relationships of Bernarda Alba and her five daughters, following the death of their father. In Molly Deegan’s exciting adaptation of Munro's translation, with BareWater Productions, we explore the rivalry of sisterhood, and what it is to be a women in today’s modern age. Rebecca plays the role of Journalist. 

Slung Low's Red and Black

May 20, 2018

Rebecca is thrilled to be playing the Queen of Death in this devised project in partnership with Slung Low Theatre Company, directed by Alan Lane. The Spanish Civil War inspired art like no other, leaving a powerful legacy of poetry, painting, music and film. This ambitious production features over 100 of LIPA's dancers, actors, musicians, community drama performers and facilitators, who will take the audience out on to the streets to tell this moving account of Liverpool’s history. 

The Cleavage Comedy Club

May 17, 2018

Rebecca will be performing her original stand up comedy "Chips to Crisps" with the new theatre company Underwire Theatre as part of the Cleavage Comedy Club. Underwire Theatre is a new company dedicated to providing a platform for female comedians to help prove to the world that WOMEN ARE FUNNY! 

Blue Balloon Spoken Word

April 23, 2018

Rebecca will be performing her original spoken word with Blue Balloon Theatre at Tusk Bar in Manchester. Blue Balloon is a non for profit theatre company which acts as a platform for actors and creatives who wish to develop and showcase original writing. 

My Own Estimation

March 25, 2018

Come see Julia Thurston's new play produced by BareWater Productions. Joanna (Emily Harris) has just moved to Paris to study fine art. As she sketches “The Desperate Man” by Gustave Courbet at the Musée d’Orsay, she befriends an artist called Gus (Pete Smith) who resembles the portrait almost perfectly; and yet she cannot find the painting in the museum again. Uncover an exciting journey of Joanna's discovery of new art and new people with Bea (Rebecca Ozer) and Henri (Callum Sheridan-Lee)


March 18, 2018

An evening of film, dance, spoken word, art and much more, all surrounding the question, 'what is it, to be a female in the 21st century?' All funds raised will go directly to The Women's Organisation. For this event Rebecca wrote, directed, and VO the short poetry film "Lymantria." 

A Body of My Own

March 08, 2018

Come and join us on International Women's Day to celebrate women's bodies! La Banshee, a theatre and production company dedicated to empowering women, is inviting you to hear what women have to say about their body and their relationship to their body; to hear women's raw, honest, shameless, poetic, beautiful, funny, moving words; words written by women from the community of Liverpool and beyond. A Body of My Own is an invitation for all women and girls to own and celebrate their body together in an attempt to free ourselves from the damaging Beauty Myth. In this production Rebecca wrote and performed poetry. 

Much Ado About Nothing

February 15, 2018

Come see Everyman Director Chris Tomlinson's production of Much Ado About Nothing in the LIPA Paul McCartney Auditorium. In this stripped back version, the second year actors explore clowning, rich Shakespearean text, and natural projection in an 800 seat theater. In this tale of love and deception will Hero and Claudio's love last? Are Beatrice and Benedick in love or are they really just about to kill each other? Where does Dogberry fit into all of this?! In this production Rebecca played the role of Hero. 

Paved with Gold and Ashes

January 20, 2018

It's 1911 and immigrants are flooding to New York with hope for a new and beautiful life. We follow the story of five young women, from all around the world, working at The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. They work in horrible conditions for barely any pay six days a week, but they're all filled with wishes and dreams to look forward to. Who could predict the tragedies that the women are suddenly faced with and how they'll be able to manage them? In this production Rebecca played Rose. 

Don Juan

December 15, 2017

Come see James Baker's immersive and Brechtian adaptation of Don Juan set in the 80s, performed in LIPA's Art School Theatre. Feel transported into a different world with song, dance, interactive performance,  strong ensemble exploration, and lots of talcum powder. In this production Rebecca played Don Juan. 


October 18, 2017

Mia (Ruth Parratt) is young, single and free and hasn't had sex for the last eleven and a half months, then suddenly one morning she wakes up pregnant, with the Angel Gabriel (Jack Sanders) on her doorstep claiming parentage. The situation quickly spirals into lucicrous confusion with no fewer than three more potential fathers claiming parentage of the baby. One of them an ex-boyfriend (Gavin Duffy), one of them a nerdish contemporary from school that you wouldn't want to be seen dead with (Pete Smith), and the third being Lucifer (Rebecca Ozer). Come join us on October 19th, 20th, and 21st! 

Seven Deadly Sins

September 21, 2017

On Friday September 22nd & Saturday the 23rd at 7pm join the second year actors of LIPA for a night of song, dance, and smiles amidst turbulent times around the world. Experience an eclectic mix of musical theatre songs that lead us to question what is sinful and what is sin? Produced by Rebecca Ozer, directed by Ben Rivers, and musically directed by Beth Elliott. 

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