Hey, thanks for stopping by! Here are some quick links to my Resume, Headshot and Showreel. Read below to get a gist of me, reach out if you want to learn more  

I'm a classically trained, 6 ft, actor/writer/VO artist who loves drawing, jazz, and apparently, overthinking. In 2016 I left my home of Jewish culture and NY pizza to train at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in England. At LIPA I was trained in acting for stage and screen, physical theatre, voiceover work, accent work and more. Some recent credits of mine are The Meeting- Edinburgh Fringe (Lisa) Slung Low's Red and Black (Queen of Death), and Tmesis Theatre's Wicked Women (Ruth Bader Ginsburg). I'm very passionate about the creation of new work, especially when it's multicultural, queer and feminist. Creating with themes of mental health, sex, spoken word, food? Let's chat.

Check out a few reviews & testimonials:

The Meeting- Edinburgh Fringe

"Lisa's feistiness (Ozer) and the spits and spats she shares with Jules provide semi-violent delight."  

-Freddie Green, Broadway Baby, August 2018

A Matter of Life and Death- LIPA

"Rebecca Ozer's performance in the role of Doc is outstanding. She gets the right balance between quirky and well-intended."  

-Jacob Bush, North West End, March 2019

Tw*ts- The Unity Theatre

"All three give fantastic performances. The trio have a fantastic rapport and their real life friendship comes across through their performances."  

-Jacob Bush, North West End, May 2019

"From the moment Rebecca arrived on set she was totally focussed, inventive and contributed at a very high level to our whole shoot process. Her preparation was excellent and her professionalism exemplary. She has a deeply rooted, well-informed commitment to her work and would be a generous and valuable asset to any creative team."

-Peter Cox MBE, Writer and Director

“Exceptionally gifted actor who is detailed, conscientious and a wonderful team player. She would be an asset to any production. She was exceptional in A Matter of Life and Death and worked extremely hard to create Frank Reeves. She always jumped on board throughout the process and engineered a very professional and articulate outcome. She is amazing- employ her!”

-James Baker, Director

"I have had the pleasure of directing Rebecca in a few projects now. She is one of those actors that creates a positive vibe and energy in any process. An attention to detail twinned with an incredible focus and craft. 

Her range of playing qualities from comedy to straight is a testament to her high ranging skills and ability. Full of caring qualities and interest in exploring the human nature through performance. Collaboration with this actor makes for quality work guaranteed every time."

-Chris Tomlinson, Director