Rebecca Ozer is a multi-disciplinary artist from New York, currently based in London, desperately missing Zabar's bagels and subway rats. They're particularly passionate about genre-blending and are committed to the creation of queer, multicultural and sex positive new work. 

Previously, they trained in acting at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, where she wrote short experimental pieces and a fringe play Twats which premiered at The Unity Theatre. Currently she's finishing earning her MA degree in screenwriting from London Film School. 


Recently she wrote, directed, and produced the shorts "Collector's Item" and "Buffalo & Wolfy." 

"Collector's Item" is a thriller drama, shot on 16mm, which explores themes of sexual assault, manipulation of kink, and the underestimation of women and femmes. It is an official selection of seven international festivals so far including Manchester Film Festival, Chelsea Film Festival, and Sunscreen Film Festival. 

"Buffalo & Wolfy" is a campy dramedy which explores the relationship of two queer cavewomen and their attempt at polyamory.  It is currently being submitted to festivals. 


Rebecca is keen on all forms of collaboration and also enjoys script editing, art assisting and script supervising. When she isn't writing or working on set, she's practicing shibari, drawing, and stuffing her face with babka.